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Scheme of delegation

Although the Trustee Board takes overall responsibility for the Trust decision making, many decisions can and should be delegated to others, including the CEO, board committees and local governing boards (also committees).

The purpose of our Scheme of Delegation is, therefore, to explain the way in which the Trustees fulfil their responsibilities for the leadership and management of the Trust, and identify the respective roles and responsibilities of the CEO, Members, Trustees and members of the Local Governing Boards of each school in carrying this responsibility out.

This Scheme of Delegation has been put in place by the Trustees in accordance with theprovisions of the Company’s Articles of Association and it should be read in conjunction withthose Articles. It is vital that the decision to delegate a function is made by the full board of trustees and is recorded. Without such formal delegation, the individual or committee has no power to act.

The Scheme of Delegation will:

  • Ensure the executive leadership (Members, CEO and Trustee Board) are clear about which decisions they control
  • Ensure that the roles of the Members, Trustees, CEO and Headteachers’ Board are fully understood throughout the MAT
  • Promote a culture of honesty and accountability
  • Identify responsibility for the appointment and performance management of the CEO and Headteachers
  • Identify responsibility for policy and practice in each school
  • Identify responsibility for oversight of each school’s budget and the central MAT budget
  • Identify responsibility for assessment of risk in each school
  • Identify responsibility for oversight of educational performance in each school.

The Scheme of Delegation will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to be relevant as the MAT matures and grows. All involved in governance within the MAT will be made aware of any changes made and what these mean in practice.